Welcome to my "blog." Here, you can find posts about projects I am working on, things I have done, and other things that interest me! This is meant to be very casual, so don't expect anything crazy.

teachable-svelte: An open-source Teachable Machine wrapper

By: Ian Thompson on Saturday, Jul 8, 2023

Here, I describe teachable-svelte, an open-source wrapper for creating, training, and using machine learning models compatible with Google Teachable Machine.

PCBTree: A Christmas Tree PCB I Made in High School

By: Ian Thompson on Friday, Dec 1, 2017

A high school trip to Las Vegas might seem unusual, but it sparked my fascination with electronics. Inspired by ElectroBoom's near-death fail compilations, I transitioned from programming to hardware, leading to the creation of PCBTree—a Christmas tree-shaped printed circuit board. Designed using KiCAD and powered by an ATTiny85, this project was my entry into the world of DIY electronics.

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